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It’s silly season! Here are 5 tips to help you get through it

Christmas is only weeks away! The numerous end-of-year celebrations, usually accompanied by rich foods and alcoholic drinks, can drain your energy. Here are 5 ways to help you navigate drinks, work parties, and other functions so that you are still feeling great at the end of the event and the next day:

  1. If you drink alcohol, then pace yourself by only having an alcoholic drink if you have a glass of water first. Make it fun by having a glass of sparkling water with some lemon, mint, or other non-alcoholic flavouring

  2. Don’t drink alcohol on an empty stomach. Having food in your stomach before you have a drink helps slow down the rate at which your body absorbs alcohol. Also, having some food first can decrease the chances that you will experience hangover symptoms such as headaches and brain fog.

  3. If there are canapes or hors d’oeuvres on offer, try to select healthier options if they are available, for example, raw vegetables (carrot, celery, etc) with a dip such as hummus; meat or seafood skewers; bruschetta; or sushi rolls. If it is buffet style, aim to fill half your plate with a variety of vegetable dishes, such as salad, grilled vegetables, and roast potatoes.

  4. Eat slowly and mindfully. Eat until you are satisfied, not full. This will help overcome feeling sluggish and bloated.

  5. It’s ok to say no to an event. Yes, it is the festive time of the year but you don’t have to go to every event that you are invited to. Chances are, you will see some of the same faces at more than one event! Be selective, and enjoy the events that you do attend.

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