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Have you faltered with your New Year Resolutions? Here's one way to get back on track

How Accountability Can Help You Improve Your Health

Habits. Accountability.

Are you struggling to stick to your new years’ resolutions? Well, accountability can be helpful in supporting your health goals and making sure you carry through with what you have promised to do.

You can achieve this by pairing up with another person, such as agreeing to go to the gym with a friend, checking in with your trainer, tracking your food intake on an app, or making an announcement to the world on social media. The moment you make your goals known, you are more likely to stick to your plan.

Here are some examples of accountability in practice:

You want to exercise more regularly

You could promise to team up with a friend or colleague to go for a walk together or go for a swim, a run, or go to the gym. Deadlines are a great motivator too, such as signing up for a 5 km race in two months' time. And if you are doing it for a cause, that is another way to be accountable while also doing something awesome!

You want to eat more fruits and vegetables

You could share your commitment to this on social media and then post daily photos of your meals.

You want to get more sleep by going to bed earlier each night

Tell your partner, children, and friends about your goal and why it is important to you.

You want to reduce your alcohol intake

Explain to family and friends that you are taking a break from alcohol and why you are doing it.

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Accountability is a key part of the healthy habits model I created, called the DARE Model.

To find out more about the DARE Model, check out my free e-book in the shop!

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