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Five quick and easy things you can do to get out of the afternoon slump

Afternoon slump; energy; concentration

Do you find your energy and concentration levels slump mid-afternoon? Do you reach for caffeine or something sugary? Here are some alternative things you can do to help lift your energy and tackle brain fog:

Tip #1 - Drink water

Have one or two glasses of water. Also stay hydrated throughout the day, preferably with plain water.

Tip #2 - Get up

Go for a quick 10 minute walk, even if it is around the office. If it’s a nice day, pop outside for a quick burst of fresh air and sunshine

Tip #3 - Smart lunch choices

Avoid heavy or starchy meals at lunchtime. These can spike your sugar levels which can then fall sharply, plus heavy meals require a lot of energy to digest.

Tip #4 - Fix that sugar craving

If you have a sugar craving, have a piece of fresh fruit such as an orange or apple instead of something processed. The fibre in whole fruit will also help you feel satiated for longer.

Tip #5 - Standing meetings

Do you have meetings scheduled after lunch? Try standing meetings. Standing for periods of time throughout the day not only has health benefits, such as better circulation and improved mental alertness, but standing up in meetings can also result in shorter and more efficient meetings

In summary...

Try one or two of these simple tactics to help you tackle that afternoon slump. Let me know how you go!

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